Houma, LA- Blake International USA Rigs, LLC is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued trademark No. 4,191,227 to the Blake DART® apparatus. The DART® construction was completed in March of 2010 and is currently in use on the Blake 1007, under contract to Anadarko. The Blake DART® stabilizing kit is designed as a supplement to the rig’s mast. It enables a portion of the loads imposed by the pipe stored in the mast to be transferred away from the mast back to the rig substructure thereby enabling the rig to work on floating structures in deepwater which exhibit horizontal forces along with pitch and roll effects.

Beau Blake, President and CEO of Blake International USA Rigs, commented that "our company is pleased to receive the DART® trademark from the US Patent Office. The DART® stabilizing kit is yet another product that Blake International has introduced to support our customers’ operations, and this recognition by the patent office will further aid us in our endeavors. As the deepwater GOM market continues to improve in such an expeditious way, Blake International stands ready to offer our customers another option to their rig selections. We have engineered the DART® kit to fit 3 of our 10 rigs making replication of this kit easily obtainable. Blake International looks forward to using the DART® stabilizing kit to serve a wider scope of our customers’ needs now and in the future"

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