Blake International Rigs, LLC and ANKOR Energy LLC have entered into a contract to mobilize the Blake Rig 1505 onto the Vermillion 379 D platform.  The contract term is 4 wells, to commence following the Drilling Unit’s current contract term.


The Blake Rig 1505 recently completed a drilling project at Main Pass 308 A, and is currently at Blake’s Houma facility waiting to mobilize to the High Island A595 D platform to fulfill the remainder of the contract term with Apache Corporation. 


The remainder of the Apache contract, followed by the ANKOR project, is expected to keep the rig working into Q3 2014.  “We are very excited about working with ANKOR Energy and establishing a lasting relationship along the way.  This contract further strengthens our goal to be the preferred platform rig contractor in the region and secures long term work for half our rig fleet”, says Beau Blake, President and CEO of Blake International.   


Blake International Rigs owns and operates a fleet of 10 Platform Rigs in the US and Mexico

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