Blake International platform rig Blake 1005 has received a 146-day extension from Petroleso Mexicanos (PEMEX) that will keep the rig contracted with PEMEX through Sept. 9, 2009. Pride holds the PEMEX contract for this rig as it was under contract to PEMEX when Blake International USA Rigs, LLC bought the platform rig fleet from Pride International Inc. in May 2008. Blake International USA Rigs owns the rig, but Pride International and its subsidiary Seahawk manage the operations throughout the current contract term, including the new 146-day extension.

Blake platform rig Blake 1002 recently finished it's contract with PEMEX, contracted through Pride, and is now hot stacked at the Seyba Playa dock in Mexico. The rig will be demobilized to Houma, LA later this month and made available for work in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico or Internationally.

Blake 651 and Blake 1003 are both hot stacked in Houma. Blake International has also received a 90-day extension from Apache Corporation for platform rig Blake 14, keeping the rig contracted to July 2, 2009.  Apache holds options for continued use of the rig thereafter. The rig is now drilling on West Delta Block 103 in approximately 213 feet of water.

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