Blake International USA Rigs, LLC is pleased to announce that it's Rig 210 (650 hp self erecting platform unit) has been contracted to Apache Corporation for one, sixty days term with options at South Pass Block 62 "A". The rig is loading out now from the company's operations facility in Houma, LA.

In addition to the new contract for Rig 210, the company's Rig 14 (350 hp self erecting platform unit) which has been continually contracted to Apache Corporation since January 2009, has received a sixty day extension with options to extend starting January 18, 2010. Both Rig 14 and Rig 210 are contracted to Apache's Production Department.

Blake International Rig 1502 (1500 hp self erecting platform unit) is also contracted to Apache's Drilling Department and is currently working at South Pass Block 75 "A".

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