The Rig Safety & Training Advisor (RSTA) ensures safe operations by implementing and maintaining approved health, safety, and environmental systems and programs. Oversees compliance with all applicable health, safety, and environmental protection laws and regulations. Acts as a liaison between the onshore Quality Assurance/Health, Safety, Environment (QA/HSE) Department and rig management and as the rig expert on health, safety, and environmental federal and OSAH regulations in the jurisdiction in which the rig operates. The RSTA performs ''Medic'' duties when one is not present.

The RSTA works with the Toolpusher to ensure the safety of all personnel onboard the rig. This shall include ensuring proper orientation to the rig and assignment of survival equipment and life boats as well as the maintenance of current safety certification for company rig personnel. In addition, the RSTA is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of all safety, fire fighting and life boat equipment onboard the rig.

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