Senior Toolpusher


The Senior Toolpusher is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the drilling rig. He/she ensures full compliance with all mandatory company, client, state, and federal rules and regulations that relate to the location and relocation of the platform drilling rig as well as maintenance, repairs and drilling for oil and gas in offshore waters. This includes the safe welfare of all company and contract personnel on board. In addition the Senior Toolpusher ensures successful completion of all preventative maintenance activities and projects are completed in a safe, timely, and efficient manner. The Senior Toolpusher must ensure good, open communication with the Company Representative to which the rig is contracted. Although each Employee and contract hand working on the drilling rig ultimately reports to the Senior Toolpusher, the Senior Toolpusher directly supervises the Toolpusher, Rig Safety and Training Advisor, Driller and Crane Operator. The Senior Toolpusher provides overall direction and management of safe, efficient and economical drilling operations on the rig.

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