Houma, LA- Blake International USA Rigs, LLC is pleased to announce that the construction of their "DART" TM stabilizing structure is completed. The Blake "DART" TM stabilizing structure is designed as a supplement to the rig's mast. It enables a portion of the loads imposed by the pipe stored in the mast to be transferred away from the mast back to the rig substructure thereby enabling the rig to work on floating platforms. It is now available for Blake rigs 1005, 1501, or 1502. We look forward to meeting a wider scope of our customers' needs by introducing this technology into our company.

Blake is also pleased to announce that we have completed another incident free month with no recordables, INCs or Spills. Blake's rigs and yard have worked 23 months with only one recordable injury, and boast a record of 40 consecutive BOEM INC free inspections and have 0 reported spills for the year.

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