Blake International Rigs, LLC and Energy XXI Services, LLC have entered into a contract to mobilize the Blake Rig 651 to Energy XXI’s South Pass 77 “C” platform.  The initial contract term is for one well, which is scheduled to commence in late April following a 30 day make ready period at Blake’s Houma facility. This initial term should keep the rig under contract into June 2017, and Energy XXI retains the right to any option wells.  The Blake Rig 651 recently completed a 14 well P&A program with a major oil company in the US Gulf of Mexico.


“Securing this contract with Energy XXI has revitalized our company’s energy in this trying market”, says Beau Blake, President and CEO of Blake International Rigs, LLC.  “Blake International and Energy XXI have a long standing relationship and we look forward to working with the Energy XXI team again on this project.”


The Blake Rig 651 is a 650 horse power self-erecting modular platform rig.  Blake International Rigs owns and operates a fleet of 10 Platform Rigs in the US and Mexico. 

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