Blake International Rigs, LLC and Energy XXI Services, LLC have extended the contract term for the Blake Rig 651.  The initial contract term was for one well at South Pass 77 C, and this extension has the rig moving to South Timbalier 200 A for a 7 well program. This extension should carry the contract into December of 2017, and Energy XXI retains the right to any option wells. 


“This extended work program for Rig 651, along with the recent contract award for our Blake Rig 1007, is a reflection of our company’s past performance and ongoing ability to adapt to market changes and customer needs”, says Jeff Kessler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Blake International Rigs, LLC. “The employees of Blake International are excited to continue working with the team at Energy XXI and assisting them in achieving a safe and successful operation at South Timbalier 200.”


The Blake Rig 651 is a 650 horse power self-erecting modular platform rig.  Prior to this contract award, the Blake Rig 651 recently completed a 14 well P&A program with a major oil company in the US Gulf of Mexico.  


Blake International Rigs owns and operates a fleet of 10 Platform Rigs in the US and Mexico. 

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