Blake International Rigs, LLC recently entered into a contract to mobilize the Blake Rig 651 to a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  The contract term is an eight well P&A program and mobilization is expected to occur in mid-November 2015.

Blake International also plans to mobilize one of the two 2000 HP Self-Erecting Platform Rigs back to their Houma, LA facility from Mexico where is it currently demobilizing off location.  Both 2000 HP rigs in Mexico have been in country since 2011 and are currently being marketed for available work.

Additionally, the Blake Rig 1007 is on schedule to commence mobilization in mid-August 2015 to drill one well off a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.   The initial contract term is expected to keep the rig busy into early-November 2015 and the customer retains the right to an option well.

“Securing the contract for Rig 651 has revitalized our company’s energy in this trying market as this contract is expected to keep the rig busy into Q3/Q4 2016”, says Beau Blake, President and CEO of Blake International Rigs, LLC.    “These recent contracts with Rig 651 and Rig 1007 are with clients new to Blake International, and we are excited to be expanding our customer base.  Our goal is to be the platform rig provider of choice and our team is dedicated to achieving and maintaining this goal.”

The Blake Rig 651 is a 650 horse power self-erecting modular platform rig and the Blake Rig 1007 is a 1000 horsepower self-erecting modular platform rig. Blake International Rigs owns and operates a fleet of 10 Platform Rigs in the US and Mexico. 

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